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29 Apr

Team 90 Minutes will speak at the Everything in Sport Event | Women in Sport 3-5 December 2019

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Siama is the co-founder of 90 Minutes and heads up Partnerships and Alliances. The 90 Minutes concept is aimed at those people that want to achieve the next level in sports, school and life in general. We are about Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in sports, no matter what gender, race or background you come from. Siama works with Charities, Soccer Academies & Institutions to advance and promote equality, diversity and inclusion for all in sports.

EIS creates world class sporting events launched by industry experts from London, UK and between them have over 50 years of professional experience within the events industry in the private and public sectors. With the team having a natural passion for sport, EIS wanted to connect affluent senior sport industry trailblazers and creating crucial industry intelligence to drive sport forward on and off the field of performance. Understanding the key criteria for developing collaborative partnerships to mitigate risk when investing in the emerging markets of sport.

Launched in 2016, Everything in Sport brings together affluent C level sport executives and decision makers from around the world to meet, network and create business relationships. Joining the sporting and corporate worlds to achieve and accomplish their goals over the course of an event.

Women in Sport – Next Generation “Our vision is a world where women and men have equal opportunities… The message is clear: Gender discrimination has no place!

Women in Sport “The Next Generation” want the number of women leading and influencing in sport to grow, and to develop solutions to the cultural barriers which currently exist globally.  Sport is one of the most powerful platforms for promoting gender equality and empowering women and girls.

EIS team has an important responsibility to take action when it comes to gender equality – a basic human right of profound importance.  Great progress has been made in promoting gender equality in terms of balancing the total number of sporting athletes participating in sport, offering leadership development, advocacy and awareness campaigns, and more recently appointing more women to leadership roles within the administration and governance.  Many stakeholders have also implemented significant gender equality initiatives so that girls and women around the world are being given greater access and the opportunity to participate in sport. However, there are still many challenges to be addressed.

So we call on all sports organisations to encourage and push for senior level female representation and establish recruitment and promotion systems that give a fair chance to any deserving candidate.  Our conference lays out the core elements to which sports organisations should aspire, to build upon successes so far, and promote the benefits of having more women on boards and at executive level. Having a more equitable balance of men and women at senior levels of sports bodies is a clear win for us and for most in the sports sector. 

In 2019, our society is still not an equal playing field. Could sport offer the solution? Join us on 3-5 December 2019 as we discuss and debate the empowering benefits of sport.

More info: https://everythinginsport.com/wis-speakers/

Team 90 Minutes Co-Founder Siama
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