Questions & Answers

Q: What is the purpose of 90 Minutes?

A: Our Mission is to advance and promote equality, diversity and inclusion for all, in sports through inspiration, education and visualization. With 90 Minutes and the 3 different editions with Steve, Lisa and Siama we show that Football is Universal, your gender, background and religion does not matter on the field.

Q: Where can I buy a hardcopy of the book ?

A: You can buy the book at Amazon and all other major bookstores. if you like to purchase a hard copy of the book, the price or better said, your investment is 9.75 euro (ex post and packaging). Please do let us know if you would like to have your own personal signed copy. 

Q: Is there an audiobook to listen to??

A: You can find the 90 Minute audiobook here (soundcloud)

Check our YouTube channel for a visual audiobook

The Audiobook is available as well on Itunes Or here on Spotify

Q: How much does the book cost?

A: Physical copies of the book can be found on Amazon as well as other major book retailers. But, to be even more inclusive, the 90 Minutes team offers PDFs of each version of the book available for download free on this website.

You prefer audiobooks? We have you covered there as well, with the audio version accessible on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube, which has a fun visual version. Hardcopy and ePub are available in stores. You can order our Hardcopy here or here 

We are offering free hard copies of the 90 Minutes book to children’s wards in hospitals and doctors surgeries for their waiting rooms, please send us an email with your request and we would be happy to send you free copies of our book.

Q: How many languages are there available, and can I request a language?

A: The 90 Minutes book is widely available in nine languages, including British English, American English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. You can download 90 Minutes here.

If you would like to sponsor us to publish 90 Minutes in your native language, please do reach out at info@90minutes.life.

Q: Can I, myself translate the book in my own language?

A: Yes, you definitely can. We are not able to pay you, but your name will be mentioned and you will be an official 90 Minutes ambassador.  Please do let us know if you see any grammar or spelling mistakes in the existing translations. If you need the doc. file for translation please let us know.

Q: I see some spelling and grammar mistakes in the book, can you correct this?

A: Thank you so much! Yes, please send an email to hello@90minutes.life

As a thank you we will send you a signed copy of the book, completely free of charge. Our readers will appreciate this a lot.

Q: Will 90 Minutes be updated?

A: Yes, in the future we will add more chapters.

Q: Can you come to my school, club, college or institute to give a lecture, and talk more about 90 Minutes?

A: Yes we can! We offer presentations and seminars all over the world, please get in touch with us to check our availability here.

Q: I am a coach/teacher/mentor, can I use the book and make photocopies for my students?

A: Yes  you definitely can, we would appreciate it if you mention our book and website as your source.

Q: Can I use the book for my schoolproject and can I use the content freely?

A: Yes  you can, we would appreciate it if you mention our book and website as your source.

Q: Are you making money of this? Is this a non-profit project?

A: We are not making money of this book. This beautiful project cost us a lot of money, but we are  happy to do so. We are proud and grateful to offer you 90 Minutes for free (pdf). The ePub and hardcopy of the book are for sale to cover our costs a little bit.

We would love to make a difference to at least one person in the world that got inspired by the 90 Minutes. And oh yeah… if you don’t have (enough) money, and you really want a hardcopy, do write us, tell us why you want a 90 Minutes hardcopy and we send you the book for free including post and package.

Q: I have a question about 90 Minutes, can I contact you ?

If you have any questions or you want to let us know what you think about 90 Minutes, please do send us a message at: hello@90minutes.life or use our contact form. We appreciate it

Team 90 Minutes Steve, Lisa & Siama
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