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Our goal is to advance and promote equality, diversity and inclusion in sports through inspiration, education and visualization. As part of this vision, we have created three different versions of the book, all featuring different characters; Steve, Lisa, Siama, who is a Muslim player that wears a Hijab.

🇬🇧 UK English | Boys

🇬🇧 UK English | Girl Power

🇬🇧 UK English| Hijab (حِجَاب)

🇺🇸 US English | Boys

🇺🇸 US English | Girl Power

🇺🇸 US English | Hijab (حِجَاب)

🇳🇱 Nederlands | Jongens

🇳🇱 Nederlands | Girl Power

🇳🇱 Nederlands | Hijab (حِجَاب)

🇸🇦 Arabic أولاد | عربى

🇸🇦 | Arabic عربى| Hijab (حِجَاب)

🇪🇸 Castellano | Chicos

🇪🇸 Castellano | Chicas

CAT** Catalan | Nois

CAT** Catalan | Noies

🇨🇳 Chinese 普通话 | 男孩

🇨🇳 Chinese 普通话 | 女孩

🇯🇵 Japanese 日本語 | 男の子たち

🇯🇵 Japanese 日本語 | 女の子たち

🇵🇹🇧🇷 Português | Rapazes

🇵🇹🇧🇷 Português | Garotas

We are offering free hard copies of the 90 Minutes book to children’s wards in hospitals and doctors surgeries for their waiting rooms, please send us an email with your request and we would be happy to send you free copies of our book. Mail us: hello@90minutes.life

Team 90 Minutes Steve, Lisa & Siama

**The Catalonia Flag (ES-CT) is currently not available. All translations of 90 Minutes are done by a certified translation agency that work with native speakers. If you see a mistake/misinterpretation in translation or you have a suggestion to improve the quality of 90 Minutes, please do let us know.  The audiobook is narrated by Dalan E. Decker. All rights reserved (c) Resale strictly prohibited.

🇺🇸 90 Minutes Audiobook | English

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